Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas has come

to our house. We decorated the tree on Friday and the kids had lots of fun. I love these two pictures of my kids. I have the greatest kids ever. We had the IKEA Christmas party this weekend too. It was alot of fun - didn't win any prizes but free food and wine is always fun. It was snowing when we left the party last night and it hasn't stopped yet. We will definitely be having a white Christmas this year. And Kiana had her 10th birthday yesterday too. WOW - I have a tween - man, that makes me feel old. I can't believe it!!!

Well, since it's Monday, here are my 7:

1. My amazing tween. I can't believe I gave birth to my little girl 10 years ago. Wow, is she growing up. She has an amazing heart for everyone around her. She is loving and giving. And she has a prayerful spirit. If anyone or anything comes to her mind she prays for them or prays about it. She has taught me so much in her 10 little years. Blessings my little girl! Thank you for being my heart.

2. Malachi is happiest for the little things. He thinks that I am his new hero. I found him the Bumblebee Transformer and he told me I was the best mom in the world. What a $15 toy can do.

3. My husband is amazing. He has a work ethic and a selflessness that warms my heart. So that his employees could have a good time, he worked during his Christmas party so the disturbances going on wouldn't affect everyone else at the party. Everybody had a great time and they barely even noticed that he was gone and dealing with a potentially dangerous situation.

4. Christmas is coming and I am so blessed by the season. I put out my Nativity scene and now I really feel Christmas. I feel thankful that my kids love and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

5. My amazing friends. I know this is an oft commented thing, but every day I am blessed by the messages, phonecalls and thoughts that they send my way. God has truly blessed me with a plethora of love and support. Just a phone call to say "Hi" or "Oh no, what happened to your windshield?" always brings a smile to my face. Love ya my girls!!!

6. Finding a new church. I always hate trying to find a new church, but for the first time the kids are EXCITED to go to church. They love it and that's reason enough for me. They are meeting the needs of my kids and that's the most important thing.

7. Love of family - my parents and nieces and nephews called Kiana on the webcam yesterday and sang her "Happy Birthday" It makes it feel like they can be here for her party even if they aren't physically here. I LOVE technology - it makes you feel not so far away. I also love that my dad is (in his own little unchanging way) changing just a little and adopting some of this technology!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Love to you all!


Sherri said...

I am thankful for my friend Mona for keeping up with her Monday thankful list ~ you inspire me my friend ~ and I am very thankful you have come into my life. Here is to many years ahead of us!

And love the Christmas tree pictures!


~ Ki ~ said...

Everything sounds wonderful! Glad things are going so well for you Mona! Keep smiling!