Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's been awhile

but here I am again. Life has been nuts the last few weeks. Finishing up the last weeks of school and getting some projects finished for Scrapbooking Fanatics ScrapJam. We are also participating in another autism study through the University of Alberta. Busy, busy, busy!

Finished another great project for Scrapbooking Fanatics. This contest challenge was sponsored by Upsy Daisy Designs and we were asked to do something in which we describe laughter. Well, here is my contest entry:

I really enjoyed this particular project. It was alot of fun to do. Upsy Daisy was very generous with the product they sent us. I REALLY love them.

And we are getting ready to head back home for holidays again. It's always fun to go, but leaving the kids behind for two weeks is the real holiday for Chris and I. That's the only real time we get to spend together. The rest of our lives are devoted to our kids and making sure they have everything they need. What a wonderful break that will be.

So, what are your Canada Day plans? We will be watching the fireworks from our balcony. They are close enough to enjoy, yet far enough away that the noise doesn't affect Kiana adversely. IKEA is having a sale this weekend so of course Chris is working. Take care this weekend guys! Be safe and enjoy the long weekend.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Upsy Daisy Designs

These are my entries for the Upsy Daisy Designs Contest that I didn't win. I LOVE these papers - they are toooooo cool. Love the fact that its a Canadian company too. The lo on the left is one I did for my dad for Fathers Day. These papers are just toooo yummy and I love the rubons too. Very cool!!!

Working on my next challenge for the SF contest too - have to do a lo that describes the feeling of laughter. Wow - how's that for a challenge. Should be interesting - and thanx to Upsy Daisy Designs for providing the papers and rubons for this challenge. Sooooo yummy!

And there are only 6 full days of school left until summer holidays. The kids are excited to be able to sleep in. I am having a heck of a time getting them out of bed every morning. I think they are just getting really excited about Winnipeg. They have a whole list of things they want to do when they get there. They love to hit Fun Mountain, Grand Beach(one of the most beautiful beaches in Canada), Tinkertown, the Zoo and Lake of the Woods. And Chris and I get to leave the kids behind for a couple of extra weeks, so we get a nice break after our holiday too.

Working out is going well too. Yesterday I managed to squeeze back into a pair of size 12 capris. Another week or two and they will actually be fitting comfortably again. It's nice to know that I might actually make it to the beach this summer without looking like a hippo!!! YAH ME!!!!

Anyway, Happy Hump Day! LOVE YA!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Interesting day!

So, I went on a field trip with Malachi's class today. We went to "Grandma's Place" - its a "chore" based museum. It takes the kids back to the 1930s and lets them experience life back then. Malachi loved it - they got to clean wheat and grind it into flour, they used an old washing machine, hung laundry and ironed it, made toast on an old stove and bought candy in the old store. They had alot of fun. Most of the kids thot the chores were fun, but one kid said "I don't DO chores - only girls do chores in our house."
And , as some of you know, I became an auntie on Tuesday. My sister Nanette had another baby girl. Her name is Ella Charity. I love the name Ella and can't wait to meet her this summer. The kids are pretty excited too - Ella is Kiana's favourite name - from the movie "Ella Enchanted".
Busy weekend here. Trying to get my challenge layout finished for the "Scrapfan Summer Jam" contest. This week you have to do a layout on your fear - be it a fear in your life or a technique that you have always been afraid to try. I am focussing on a technique I have been afraid to try. We'll see how it goes.
Hope you all have a glorious weekend and that you have beautiful weather to enjoy it!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Feeling good!

So, after 2 weeks of working out I am feeling really good! Usually by the two week mark of my workout I give up and quit, but here I am still going. I missed yesterday for the first time in two weeks and I REALLY missed it! All day long I had this nagging feeling that something wasn't right, that I forgot something. I realized that I just missed working out. What a great feeling.

So, my first challenge for the Scrapbooking Fanatics ScrapJam is finished and posted. Not sure its my absolute best work, but I'm happy with it. I LOVE the Rouge de Garance papers and was TERRIFIED to cut them because I bought the Limited Edition line and I was afraid that I would be unhappy with what I did or that I would regret cutting the paper, but I love it. You can check it out here.

And next week I am going to be an auntie again! My sister's baby is breech so they have scheduled a c-section for Tuesday morning. It'll be great when I go home this summer - totally surrounded by babies!!!

Today is another beautiful day - I am excited about the warm weather and the summer! I am so grateful for today because I am alive to enjoy it. What are you excited about today?! I'd love to hear about it!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Another glorious day!!!

It is another beautiful day in Edmonton - 28 degrees. I am loving the heat. I have been really busy in the last week or so too. I am waiting to hear back from a couple of design teams hoping that I can get a DT position again. Entered a couple of contests as well. The one I am really excited about is the " Scrapfan Summer ScrapJam" and the prize is a lo published in Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. I was one of the 12 that were chosen to continue on. I am really excited about it. It'll run for the next 6 weeks and the winner will be in the Winter '07 magazine. I have also been selling off the remaining Snowflakes kits that I have in my house. They are pretty cool actually. One kit is a Corina accordian album with Luxe papers and the other is a Maya Road album with WRMK papers. They are actually selling like crazy.

I have also begun working out hard core. I have gotten quite large in the last 6 months or so and it is affecting my health. My doc told me that if I didn't lose the weight now, I would end up in a wheelchair. Hmm, let's see, Phlebitis and a wheelchair or working out 3-4x a week. The choice was obvious.

I want to leave you with these photos that I took at the park with my kids the other day. They are beautiful, but then everybody is when it comes to their kids I guess!