Friday, June 15, 2007

Interesting day!

So, I went on a field trip with Malachi's class today. We went to "Grandma's Place" - its a "chore" based museum. It takes the kids back to the 1930s and lets them experience life back then. Malachi loved it - they got to clean wheat and grind it into flour, they used an old washing machine, hung laundry and ironed it, made toast on an old stove and bought candy in the old store. They had alot of fun. Most of the kids thot the chores were fun, but one kid said "I don't DO chores - only girls do chores in our house."
And , as some of you know, I became an auntie on Tuesday. My sister Nanette had another baby girl. Her name is Ella Charity. I love the name Ella and can't wait to meet her this summer. The kids are pretty excited too - Ella is Kiana's favourite name - from the movie "Ella Enchanted".
Busy weekend here. Trying to get my challenge layout finished for the "Scrapfan Summer Jam" contest. This week you have to do a layout on your fear - be it a fear in your life or a technique that you have always been afraid to try. I am focussing on a technique I have been afraid to try. We'll see how it goes.
Hope you all have a glorious weekend and that you have beautiful weather to enjoy it!


Julie said...

looks like "fun" mona! ha! i sure wouldn't want to go without my conveniences LOL

good learning exp for the kids though :) since milk comes from the fridge and corn from a can.

love ya back at ya!! LOL

Sonya said...

What a great trip for the kids to experience....and you too!
Those explorations remind us of how far we've come, and all the blessing we've recieved on the way!

Hope your scrapping is sucessful!

Carmen said...

I think that is a fantastic experience for the kids.

Good luck with your layout!!