Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Upsy Daisy Designs

These are my entries for the Upsy Daisy Designs Contest that I didn't win. I LOVE these papers - they are toooooo cool. Love the fact that its a Canadian company too. The lo on the left is one I did for my dad for Fathers Day. These papers are just toooo yummy and I love the rubons too. Very cool!!!

Working on my next challenge for the SF contest too - have to do a lo that describes the feeling of laughter. Wow - how's that for a challenge. Should be interesting - and thanx to Upsy Daisy Designs for providing the papers and rubons for this challenge. Sooooo yummy!

And there are only 6 full days of school left until summer holidays. The kids are excited to be able to sleep in. I am having a heck of a time getting them out of bed every morning. I think they are just getting really excited about Winnipeg. They have a whole list of things they want to do when they get there. They love to hit Fun Mountain, Grand Beach(one of the most beautiful beaches in Canada), Tinkertown, the Zoo and Lake of the Woods. And Chris and I get to leave the kids behind for a couple of extra weeks, so we get a nice break after our holiday too.

Working out is going well too. Yesterday I managed to squeeze back into a pair of size 12 capris. Another week or two and they will actually be fitting comfortably again. It's nice to know that I might actually make it to the beach this summer without looking like a hippo!!! YAH ME!!!!

Anyway, Happy Hump Day! LOVE YA!!!


Carmen said...

Totally YEAH you!! Keep on shrinking!! And the layouts are fabulous! Those papers are super cool.

Julie said...

love those layouts mona! the colors are awesome :)

good on you for keeping on your working out! it's hard to keep the motivation up!

my guys are totally ready for holidays too... 6 days left for them as well :) woohoo! i'm looking forward to a bit of sleeping in myself LOL

Just Rhonda said...

Great pages Mona!!! Love the papers!