Thursday, January 07, 2010

1 Corinthians 13

The challenge for this week on the Salt Blog was 1 Corinthians 13. I focussed on the verse "Love keeps no record of wrong". I have a past that I am not proud of - stupid things that many of us do when we are young. I know the Father has forgiven me and my parents have forgiven me, but I can't forgive myself. This is a good reminder for me that God, my husband and my parents love me and they don't keep track of what I do, why can't I forgive myself and get past it? Well, I hope you like my lo and if you have some time, come over to Salt and post your own interpretation of the Love Chapter.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Wow! Its been two months since I have posted - not sure if anyone is even gonna read or see this, but I'm gonna start it up again anyway.

I hope you all had a wonderful holday season and that 2010 is starting out as a good year for you so far. The last week of my life has been extremely eye-opening, heartwrenching, enlightening and by far the best and worst week of my year. Because of this I have removed people from my life that are not uplifting and healthy to my being. This was probably one of the most difficult and painful decisions that I have ever made. It brought many tears and hurt to both Chris and I and will affect our children in the future, but we know we have made the right decisions and hopefully one day Kiana and Malachi will understand that we did what we did for their betterment as well as the betterment of our family.

I have also decided that I want this year to be a year of refreshing and renewal both in my personal and spiritual life. I want to find my joy again.

So, I have started an 8x8 album that will allow me to express myself, what I believe, what I want for myself and my family and hopefully this will help me to heal and grow and be the woman that God intended for me to be.

If after all my rambling you are still reading this - THANK YOU! Thank you for still being here, thank your for your friendship and support and thank you for being my friend. I look forward to sharing my album and my new year with you!

Love to you all!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

God is your refuge and strength

That was our theme for the Salt blog this week. The timing of this one was important to me. This is my beautiful niece Lucy and 2 weeks ago she had a Grand Mal seizure as a reaction to the MMR vaccination. As the ambulance came and rushed her to the hospital and spent many hours trying to figure out what was wrong, her older sister Brianna sat at Oma and Opa's house praying. She knew that God would take care of Lucy and that God was her refuge and strength and that He would do what was best for Lucy, even if that meant she might die. Praise God Lucy is fine, but the faith shown to me by one 6 year old girl who knew that God was her refuge and strength brought me to tears. The faith of a child and the strength of my God!

Friday, October 23, 2009

On the way back!

Well, we are finally on the way back from a terrible flu bug! I got it at school and passed it on to my whole family. NASTY - and of course with the fear of H1N1, work wanted to be sure that I was clear to work and that it wasn't anything terribly contagious. The kids and Chris were home and sick for a full 10 days before they were well enough to go back to work and school. Thankfully we are on the mend and other than remnants of a cough, we are all better.

But because of this illness Chris and I are trying to figure out if we are gonna get the H1N1 shot or if the kids should get it. There are so many mixed messages out there, I'm not sure what to do. How about you guys? Are you getting it? What are your thoughts on it - any help would be appreciated cuz we're not sure WHAT to do! Gimme your opinion!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


wow, its been waaaay to long since I have last posted. Here is my lo for the challenget that I did for SALT today. Its about Growth - something that I have been struggling with for the last little while. Come on over and check out our blog and participate in the challenge - it would be great to see ya there.
Life has been crazy over here. I am working alot of hours and trying to get so much stuff going at school for the kids that I have been working alot of long hours and my family is complaining about it. Add to that a terrible cold I have been fighting for about 3 weeks now and you can see why I have been missing for so long.
What have you been up to? I would love to get a message from you - I am feeling so out of touch with everybody these days.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


That was the challenge for "Salt" today. Jeremiah 29:11 was the verse behind the challenge. My lo is about how my purpose in life seemed to be different than God's purpose for my life. I only see the here and now in my life whereas God sees the big picture and knows what he is doing. My purpose has changed since he has become the leader of my life and I don't need to know what He is doing, I just need to follow and trust that He does know what He is doing. Check it out and try the challenge yourself!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We had a major success this summer - the kids finally learned how to ride 2-wheel bikes. Because of balance issues they were rather agitated whenever it came time to learn how to ride bikes.
They just refused to do it. But one day, they both picked up a
bike and did it on their own. They were so proud of themselves and naturally I was a proud mama too! They over came their fears and their difficulties and they just did it.
On days that weren't quite so nice and warm, we had to find things to do inside, so glow bowling was one of the fun things the kids loved to do. My sisters and spouses and all the kids got together and had alot of fun. Kiana was thrilled because she beat all 20 of us with her high score. I guess Wii Bowling does pay off!

Even though Winnipeg had rain for most of the summer, we were fortunate enough to have a couple of days of beautiful, hot weather so that we could enjoy the outdoors of Manitoba. We managed to spend one day at Birds Hill Park so the kids could go to the beach. They love being in the water and building sand
castles. But more than that, they loved spending time with their cousins. There is nothing better than splashing and chasing each other in and out of the water.