Monday, December 17, 2007

Its Monday again

and I am manic. Only 4 days left until we leave for home and I have a MILLION things that need to get done. Today is laundry and packing day. It would be a ton easier to get things done if the kids weren't both home sick with colds today. Good thing its a quiet week at school and they won't be missing much. We had a nice weekend tho. We spent some time with a friend of Chris' and his wife. Darren and Chris have been friends since they were 16 - they even lived together for awhile. So having them in Edmonton is pretty cool - feels like home.

I am kinda nervous and excited today - I have a job interview with Edmonton Public Schools as a Teacher's Aide. I REALLY hope I get this - its pretty exciting. I figure with my experience with Autism, ADHD, ADD, GAD and SID I might actually have a shot. It's this afternoon - keep your fingers crossed for me please!!!

Here are my seven for the day. You might see a theme here today - I am like a little kid when it comes to Christmas. It's my favourite time of year so alot of my thanks today is Christmas related!

1. My girlies - I am so thankful for all the girls that I get to crop with every month. Went to Urban on Friday night and had a wonderful time exchanging Christmas gifts, eating and laughing.

2. Coffee - waking up in the morning to the smell is enough to get me out of bed in a REALLY HAPPY MOOD!!!!

3. Traditions - the comfort of Christmas traditions and the good memories and feelings that come with them.

4. Wrapping gifts - the excitement of knowing that you got someone EXACTLY what they wanted and how excited they will be when they open that special gift.

5. Chocolate - there is nothing better than comfort food - especially at Christmas. That's when the best chocolates come out.

6. Christmas carols - filling my house with the sounds of Christmas makes me feel all comfy and cozy inside

7. Going home - there is nothing better than spending Christmas with family. No matter what happens during the year, its the greatest place to be!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

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