Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Never forget

I got an email from Tante Nell today. We NEED to remember - its important that we think and pray for our Canadian Soldiers every day. Whether we agree with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq or not, Canadian and American Soldiers are fighting for our rights each and every day!!! Where were you on 9/11? what was going thru your mind? what were your thots? I remember getting Kiana ready for school and when I saw the news and the first plane hit I remember thinking "What kind of IDIOT pilot didn't see that building? What are you, STUPID?" And then the 2nd plane hit and I remember feeling utter fear and "we are NEVER going to be the same again!!!! WE are at war!!!!!"

Anyway, if you can, please watch this video. Post to me and tell me what you think. We have men and women who are courageous and are worth remembering. We need to support the families of the lost and remember that, no matter what, they are fighting for our freedoms. Whether we agree or not! Support our troops!!!!
Canadian Forces Tribute


Anam said...

totally agree - i suppor the soldiers but not the war :( i hope they come home safe soon.

Just Rhonda said...

Me too. The soliders have my support but I wish it was all peaceful and they were at home.

Lori said...

O.K. this isn't for this post ... but I just wanted to wich you a happpy birthday today!! Hope you celebrate in style.