Thursday, September 21, 2006

After reading Rhonda's blog

All things come from God. We should use our blessings as blessings to others. Ardith Knechtel

I decided to take her advice and celebrate the good things in my life today.

1. Chris! My wonderful husband and his phone calls during the day to tell me that he loves me and he misses me.

2. The enthusiasm that Kiana has for life. She woke up this morning excited about the rain. She has a positive outlook on EVERYTHING!

3. Malachi's kisses and hugs. He crawls into bed with me each morning and wakes me with a kiss on my nose, each cheek and my eyes. He is soooo gentle.

4. Lea and Anam. They are great friends and so much fun to be with! I looooove Anam's english - it makes me laugh and I learn new words every day. Lea is sweet and kind and has such a big heart for her friends

5. Ali Edwards - I get to go to Scrapfest tomorrow!!!! I look forward to learning from her and improving my work.

6. A clean house - its great to have my house in order and ready so that I can go away tomorrow knowing that my home is ready for dh and kids to have a ton of fun in and really mess up while I am gone! In our home a messy house created by dad and the kids means there has been a TON OF FUN going on over here!

7. Family - I am so excited to be spending our Thanksgiving holiday with my family. This is our first thanksgiving with my parents since Chris and I have been married. He actually got it off from work so that we can be with my family.

8. My dad! With his health having been bad lately, I have learned to appreciate him alot more. I love the 3 hours we spend on the phone every weekend while we watch the Blue Bombers play football on television. I love his emotional side and the fact that the little things in life make him cry. I love how much he adores my two kids. I have never met a grandfather who makes his grandkids such a vital part of his life.

9. New clothes - with having put on ALOT of weight lately, I have had to buy new clothes. As unhappy as I am with my size, I think I still look pretty good. And buying new clothes ALWAYS makes you feel better!

10. Winning a draw - I got $100 in free product at the lss. Cool - I was able to pick up some things that I normally wouldn't have. What a great feeling to win something!

I got tagged by Sue!


1. The plastic cups in my kitchen have to be stacked in a colour coded order: pink, yellow, orange, lt. green, dk. green, blue. No other way!

2. I iron my undies

3. When I windex the mirrors in my house, I have to wipe them 7 times, not 8, 6 or 3. If I do them more or less than 7 times, I have to wash them again.

4. I LOOOOOOOOVE to eat cooked tomatoes in ANYTHING. I also love tomato soup and salsa but I HATE raw tomatoes. I cannot even tolerate the smell.

5. I am physically afraid of corn. You know, corn on the cob, kernal corn. I will not touch or go near any food that contains corn of any kind.

Alright - I am tagging Anam, Rhonda, JennD and Heather M


Just Rhonda said...

Love both lists!!! Wonderful.
And thanks for the tag!

SmileyCarrie said...

Your lists are great... I hope you have a fantastic time at Scrapfest.. I'm in Toronto, and am extremely jealous ;)

patti said...

Great lists! I loved reading them both! You are a fascinating lady! :)

Anonymous said...

Great lists Mona!! I am with you 100% on the tomato thing.

Carmen said...

Okay... the undies thing... You are weird!! hee hee heeee

Ki said...

You iron your undies???? ROFL....