Monday, September 04, 2006


Sensory is a key part of autism and its extremely important to know when working with autistic children. Elizabeth Gregory

Its amazing how autism affects the entire family. Kevin Krueger

Alright, I love my family. They are there when you need them and they will walk through fire if anyone were to do anything to me or my kids, but sometimes they are just the most ignorant people on the planet!!!! Kiana is back to having toileting accidents again. Turns out that my parents didn't give Kiana her meds ALL SUMMER LONG!!!! And now, we are dealing with toileting issues again. We had FINALLY ended those accidents last spring and rather than having accidents every day we had problems once or twice a month. NOW we are back to one or two a day!!!! My mother mentioned that Kiana did "FINE" without her meds and that maybe she doesn't really need them. The way she spoke to me about it made me question my parenting skills but AGAIN!!!! I was starting to think that maybe she was right and that she didn't really need the Ritalin and the Prozac. And now this. The worst part is that she starts school again tomorrow. Last spring we were fighting with the school because every time there was a regression they were telling us that these were not issues in school and that maybe we were doing something wrong at home. They were indirectly accusing me of not being able to handle my child and have the structure she needed at home. By May or June she was virtually accident free. Now after a full summer away from school, she is having daily accidents again. What's the school gonna think now?! They are TOTALLY going to believe that we have no control of our children at home and we are going to begin this fight with the school all over again. I love my parents very much, but they just make our lives with the kids sooo much more difficult. When are they going to accept the fact that my children are AUTISTIC and that they aren't gonna be like everyone else!!!! I KNOW THEY ARE DISABLED - WHEN ARE YOU GONNA GET IT TOO?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Anam said...

**oh dear** **huge hugs** i cane believe they did this to you :( she could have been doing better than just fine. i'll give youa big hug next time i see you but maybe tell your folks you wont leave the kids with them if they go against your doctors orders. **hugs hugs**

Carmen said...

I am sorry to hear this Mona!! I am sure your parents really have the best intentions at heart, but denile is not going to help anyone - and now Kiana is suffering for this!! HUGS to you my friend!! I admire you soooo much!!! And if the school starts on your case again, blame your mom!! That is what she is there for!! hee hee Just kidding. Kind of.... hee heeee

Sue said...

Big hugs, Mona! I hope you can get this all sorted out and make your Mom understand and respect your choices.

Crystal said...

((( HUGS ))), Mona. This must be so hard for you.

As someone who works at a school, may I take the liberty of suggesting that you ask for an appointment to speak to her teacher and explain what's happened over the summer. Hopefully they will be understanding and you can work together for Kiana's benefit.

Lori said...

My thoughts are with you on this Mona - I hope you can make the school and your parents understand Autism better - so they can help you to help her.

Although not at that level I understand so completely what it is like to have people working for themselves and not your child (I have an OCD child). Keep your head held high - knowing that you know wahts best for your child.