Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Monday

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a crazy weekend. Our car broke down and needed to be repaired - $800 later its all done. Then my computer decided it had enough of its life and gave up. There is more money out to replace it. UGH - lots of money going out of my bank account this weekend that's for sure. But all is well in the world again, and I got my first paycheque so that helped a little too.

And since it is Monday, here are my list of 7 for today:

1. Having a great job that gives me a not so bad paycheque so it doesn't hurt so much when everything goes wrong all at once.

2. Weekends - there is nothing that I love more than sleeping in

3. 3 day weeks - Teacher Convention allows me to have Thursday and Friday off this week!

4. Banana Sour Cream cake - I'm not sure what I love more - the smell in my house when its baking, or that first bite after its ready to eat.

5. Two amazing kids who drive me amazingly crazy!

6. My girlfriends - I can't wait to hang out with them on Saturday.

7. Cuddling with the kids in the bed in the morning because my dh is heading out of town for a few days.

And finally, my children chose my dear friend Rhonda's name for the RAK. Rhonda, I don't have your snail mail, so if you could email it to me that would be great!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Love ya!!!


Carmen said...

I hate those "all at once" moments in life... But very glad that you have another income source to help cushion the fall! Yeah! It does help.

Laura said...

hopefully the bit of bad luck streak stops at those 2 things...nothing worse when we get dumped on all at once hey!
As always...great list!
Hey. do you know if Scrapalicious is still going on the first Sat of each month?

Hazel said...

I've just come to have a look at your blog after your comment on our Salt blog - have just been reading your very poignant posts about your friend who died. A dear friend of mine died nearly a year ago with cancer and today I've been remembering her a lot - thank you for the tribute to your special friend.