Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Monday Morning

So, I am starting my second week as a Teacher's Aide at school and I LOVE IT!!!! The kids are wonderful and my days just fly by. It helps that the teacher loves me too - makes working so much more enjoyable.

I had an interesting weekend too - I taught a class on Saturday night and I got some scrapping done too. I worked on my dad's heritage album this weekend. I will post more of what I did later.
And since today is Monday, its time to post my Monday seven:
1. I love kindergarten - the kids are so sweet and they still think you know everything and are the most beautiful person ever.
2. Warm weather - after the last couple of weeks that we have had, -13 seems balmy. I don't mind recess supervision in this weather.
3. Good health - thru rumours, someone thought my dad was dying of cancer. It reminded me of how thankful I am that my parents are alive and well and are of reasonably good health.
4. Our wealth - I have never considered myself wealthy, but I have the ability to give my children everything they need, as well as many things they don't.
5. Jack and Hank - some mornings there is nothing nicer than having kitty curled up next to you.
6. Coffee - always need to be thankful for my coffee.
7. First moments after you wake up - there is nothing more enjoyable for me than the first few moments after Kiana and Malachi wake up. They are full of hugs and cuddles and have that warm, sleepy feel to them.
And, finally, since Valentine's Day is this week, I want you to share something loving about someone in your life. Then my wonderful children will pick a name for a lovely RAK! Have a good day everyone!


Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

k needed to retype that lol!! my dd who is 6 loves to be busy and when she has nothing to do she gets so grumpy so i give her a cleaning job and shes happy as a clam lol!! happy valentines mona and family!!!

Carmen said...

I am very happy to hear that your first week of work was so good! That is just awesome. And very fulfilling!!

I am going to share something about my sister. I adore her to death! She is four years younger than me, and the only sibling I have. I could not imagine my life without her. She is hilarious and she is smart and she is pretty. The two of us together is something to behold. And when we go out and take our children with us - look out!! We are like ying and yang... We crack each other up. We support each other. She is the BEST and I love her so!!

Just Rhonda said...

I'm glad to hear your job is going good! I am so happy for you!!!!

I totally missed your idea of posting something loving about someone in my life... but i'll do it anyways.

My hubby Regan. Really I couldn't ask for anything else in a husband. He is so good and kind and humble and giving and patient. A never ending supply of patience for me. Which I NEED. He pretty much rules! :)