Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Family Day!

Its so nice to have a long weekend once in awhile. The kids actually let me sleep until 9:00 this morning. Its been a pretty great weekend actually. Kiana sang at a Family Day Festival on Sunday with 5 other students from the Conservatory. She was the hit of the performance - she was the youngest one there. She totally ate up the whole "cute factor" thing. She did very well and its was good for her. She really needs to get comfortable performing in front of an audience. And last night, dh and I watched "Knightrider" the movie. Man, I am such a dork!

Today is Family Day and we are all home. The kids are playing Wii and dh and I are doing our own things as well. Treasured Memories has a sale on, so I will probably be heading over there in the next few minutes. Then I am watching a "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" marathon - see I told you I was a dork!

And finally, here are my seven for Monday. Hope you all have a wonderful day - whether its a long weekend for you or not!

1. Sleeping in - I have really begun to appreciate this since I have been working. The weekend have become much more precious to me.

2. Slush - that means that spring is in the air. As messy and dirty as the roads are this weekend, I love the warm weather. I am hoping that spring will be here soon - and even if its not, I am enjoying the springlike weather for right now.

3. Being a dork - thanx to my dear friends for making me see its okay to be a dork and like dorky things

4. My husband - reminds me every day that not all men are assholes and jerks

5. Family Day and the realization in my child that family is important and that we need to be nice to each other ALL THE TIME!!!!

6. long hot baths - no explanation necessary.

7. chocolate.

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