Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Monday morning

and how are you all doing today? Start of a new week and I am actually excited about the week ahead. I am headed to Stoney Plain to visit my girl Kelly tomorrow. She is a wonderful friend who I love to pieces. I am also hoping to hear from EPS this week - the waiting is killing me. I can't believe how quickly the government works(didja note the sarcasm?)

Well, since today is Monday, I am listing my seven thanx again today:

1. There is nothing better than a movie with the kids. The kids and I went with a friend to see "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" The kids totally loved it - especially the "Rock Monster" video at the end(spoof on "Rock Lobster" by the B-52s). I am so thankful that I had my kids to enjoy it with

2. I am thankful that I have the ability to work out every day. I am healthy enough to do it and I love the way I feel after I have done it.

3. The faith of my friends - they believe in me and I am grateful for that every day. They believe in me and my abilities even when I don't.

4. I am thankful for childlike enthusiasm. My kids get excited about the littlest things and they have such excitement for it. I am giggling like a little kid when they are like that.

5. Playing the game "Sorry" with my kids. I can honestly say I have NEVER EVER won this game against my children and they joy they get from beating me every single time is hilarious. I have not laughed that hard in a very long time.

6. My faith. I am learning about myself and my relationship with God more every day. I am figuring out who I am in Christ and prioritizing what the important things are to me. Without God I am nothing.

7. My amazing Chris. I am thankful every day for finding a man who loves me as deeply and wholly and unconditionally as he does.

Hope you have a wonderful day! I love you all!


Mary Mac said...

I need to do this - love your list!

Sherri said...

My week does not seem to start properly my dear until I have read your beautiful list for the week ~ you keep me constantly inspired! Have a great time with Miss Kelly tomorrow ~ if it is the one I know haha, say hi from me ~ big hugs to you!

Sherri said...

oh and crossing my fingers regarding EPS for ya!


Ki said...

Thinking good thoughts for you on the job! Keeping my fingers crossed too!

~ Mylene ~ said...

It's grand reading your gratitudes, darling. Thank you for them. Ü

Peace ~


Lacintha said...

love reading your list...good luck with the job application :)
P.S Thanks for the blog visit ...

Just Rhonda said...

Great list~ AND we loved the veggies movie too! Both kiddos loved it!