Friday, November 02, 2007

My amazing little girl!

Well, Kiana taught me something again this week. Every day when we drive Chris to work, we pass a small bush behind Superstore. In this bush is a tent where some homeless people live. Kiana pointed to it the other day and asked what it was. I explained that there were people in Edmonton who didn't have money for a house or clothes or even food and that they lived in tents to try and stay warm. Well, her little heart was broken and she cried. When she got home she wrote a letter to God in her diary and prayed for the poor people. Later on she came to me and said that it was sad and unfair that people didn't have a home and beds and fun things like we did. I explained to her that we were lucky because we had money for all the things we needed plus the extra snacks and toys that we didn't need. So she decided that it was our job to help. She asked if we could spend some of the money that we would use on toys and games for food for these people who lived in the tent. SO, today we are going grocery shopping and buying food for the people who live in this tent and then Chris is going to bring it to them. I can't believe the heart beating inside that little girl. She is teaching me to look past my "ideas" about these people to see that we need to help out once in awhile.


Carmen said...

That is amazing! Truly beautiful. What a great heart she has!!

Ki said...

She has a wonderfully generous and caring soul! God Bless her!

oyun said...