Monday, October 29, 2007

Another week!

So, my friend Rhonda inspired me today. I love reading her blog and her lists of the stuff she's thankful for and the stuff she loves. So, today I decided to focus on that myself.

1. I am thankful for Malachi's compassion. He has the softest heart imaginable. While watching "Meet The Robinsons" he started to cry. He was touched by the happy ending and he was crying because the little boy finally got his own family.

2. I love that Kiana wakes up in the morning with a smile and an excitement to face the new day. It doesn't matter what she is facing in her day, she always does it with a grin and chattering 100 miles a minute.

3. I love that people love my kids. People who watch and really see them can see their amazing gifts and love for us and each other

4. I am thankful for the things that Chris and the kids show me everyday. Their amazing capability to love me - especially when i am unloveable is such a gift to me.

5. I love my friends - both online and at home. I have such a circle of amazing supportive people that encourage me, inspire me and love me. Juanita, Sue, Mylene, Sherri, Rhonda, Carmen, Jayme, Anne, Lisa, Lisa, Joey and Julie and Paul - you have all been strong and supportive. I am truly blessed.

6. I am thankful that I am learning new things every day. I was reading my friend Mylene's blog and she inspired me today. "I count myself lucky to have hurt so deeply at so many losses - I feel them all, I miss them all, I love them all still."


Just Rhonda said...

Great list!!!! Love that quote from Mylene! It is awesome! And your just so great MOna!!! Big hugs!

Julie said...

hey mona! *wave*

love your layouts from the last post - i thought i commented, but i guess i didn't :) love that elsie stuff!

i love your list too!

Carmen said...

Truly touching Mona!! Those are amazing things to be thankful for! Love it!!

Laura said...

that is a great list Mona! Perhaps I need to do something similar...give myself a new perspective.
Hope you have a great week...take care!

Sherri said...

Well my dear Mona, I loved your post ~ brought tears to my eyes. I am inspired and blessed by being included ~ and look forward to a long and healthy friendship, full of laughter and scrappy good times. Hugs to you my friend.

Loved your list, and that quote at the end by one of your friends ~ amazing ~ again you have inspired me. I feel a scrapbook layout coming on, all about what I am thankful for.