Thursday, June 15, 2006

I am turning into a duck!

We have had so much grey and wet weather that I am starting to grow webbed feet. Its ridiculous. I forget what the sun looks like these days. So I thot since the weather is crummy I would go and buy myself the new Crop-a-dile. But, of course, there isn't a store in town that has them. WHY didn't I pick one up a month ago when they had 20 on the shelf?!?! Because I didn't know anyone who had them and I wanted to find out if they were worth the buy!! Now that I know they are, I can't find one anywhere. Isn't that just the way?! But, on a positive note, I got my tickets for Scrapfest today. I CAN'T BELIEVE that I am taking 2 of Ali's classes. I love love love her work and I cannot wait to learn from her. I am also looking forward to meeting Roslyn, Anam, Rosalie, Carol, Carla, Jayme, Caroline and Melissa from S! Its going to be sooooo much fun. Only 3 more months.

Want to leave you all with this quote today. I really love it:

Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Oliver Goldsmith


patti said...

ahhhh darn on missing out on the crop o dile, you're right they do look very neat to use! I hope you're able to find one!! :) I won't even go there with how jealous I am of you going to Scrapfest! And taking Ali's classes!!! Well you're just going to have to report back here and tell us EVERYTHING! with photos please! :)

Anam said...

i got my tickets too :)

as from the crop-a-dile - i've got a fab link that has them cheap and with cheap postage too.... drop me a mail.

Sue said...

Scrapfest sounds like it will be a FABULOUS time! So jealous of all the ladies you will get to hang out with!!

Love your quote today - very poignant!

Ki Kruk said...

Oh there's got to be a place that has them! Have you tried the new store in Spruce Grove? I don't know the name of it though! Or Urban Scrapbook?
Yes, I've had enough of the wet stuff too!
And hey, are you going to the crop on the Saturday night for ScrapFest? Connie and I are. Connie is taking some classes on Sat as well but I'm just doing the marketplace and crop.