Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Good morning

to another beautiful sunny day! How are you doing?

I can't believe there are only 18 days of school left - where did the school year go? I love my work but I am looking forward to the summer break. I think I am more excited about heading home for a month and being with my adorable nieces than anything. I miss them terribly. I also am really looking forward to seeing my sister and her big baby belly.

Even tho its Tuesday, here is my thankful list. I am finding that I have to do it when I remember because life is so crazy these days. Anyway, here it is:

1. My work - I love the work I do and the fact that I have ability to help people.
2. Weddings - as much as they are work, I love weddings and all the things that are involved in planning them.
3. Coffee - I am in love with my coffee this morning - especially since I had a very large 10 1/2 year old in my bed at 2 a.m. which didn't make for a productive sleep situation.
4. Music - I love the gift that God has blessed my daughter with - she is a natural.
5. Growing up - its bittersweet that my little girl is growing up. We just signed the consent forms for the sex ed class and my poor husband nearly had a heart attack. It's neat to watch her growing up.
6. Scrapbooking - I am making wedding invitations and I am happy that I am able to make someone else so happy with the gift that I have.
7. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!

I will post the wedding invitations when I am done with them - I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Carmen said...

Oh my... I think I am with Chris on this one - I don't see me handling the upcoming years very well either - especially when it will come to that time...

Laura said...

Hey Mona,
I really do like reading your lists...should start my own!
Watch fro an email coming soon regarding the question you asked on my blog!

Ki said...

Lovin our weather too! I hope the summer goes by reaaaaaallllly slow!

Sherri said...

Man I haven't written in my thankful book for a long time now, should really start again ~

Can't wait to see the wedding invitations ~ and yes I too can't believe this school year is drawing to a close already ~

hope all is good with you ~
take care

Lacintha said...

Hey Mo...I had the same reaction as your hubby when those forms came home last week..and I have a zillion questions to ask Rea when she gets home every day...sheesh!
Growing up bites when you're a parent!