Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

to all the amazing dads out there!!! My kids have a fabulous dad and they are so lucky he's their dad. He's a fun, loving, caring, strict guy who is just as silly as they are. I am so blessed that he and I have some amazing children together.

Usually I wait til Monday to do my 7 but I am going to do it today cuz its Father's Day and I am feeling very blessed:

1. Chris - to an amazing husband and father. Every day that I spend with you I realize just why I married you and what a wonderful man you truly are. We are lucky to have you.

2. Dad - until I met Chris, you were the most important person in my life. You have given me strength, support and love and I thank God that he gave you to me.

3. Family - when you have nothing else, you always have family. And my family is my strength.

4. Movies - there's nothing more fun than taking your kids to see a great movie and today is no exception. The kids decided that for Father's Day we are taking dad to see this movie

5. Sun - especially after a week of clouds and rain. The sun is like medicine for the soul - it makes all things good again.

6. Church - I think we have finally found a church that we enjoy and I am glad to be back. After months of dryness, I am really happy to get back into fellowship again.

7. Summer - only 9 days of school left and then I am on holidays. Where I will be this fall is unsure at this time, but God will take care of me and put me where I need to be. In the meanwhile, I am going to enjoy the plans we have for the summer!

Happy Father's day to all the dads out there! Have a great day!

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