Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bad Blogger

I have been a terrible blogger - haven't posted in awhile, but I am finally getting back here. We have had a beautiful weekend and since Chris had it off, we spent some time with the kids. Friday night we took the kids to see "Shrek the Third" They absolutely loved it - I was a little disappointed - not as good as the other ones. Saturday we took the kids to the park with my gf and her dd. They had alot of fun and I got to play with my camera a little bit. Today is a quiet day - church and hopefully finishing some los for the Upsy Daisy Designs contest. How was your weekend? Hope you have a wonderful day.

I love this photo of my kids - I can't believe how big they have gotten. And they still enjoy spending time with us - Kiana's almost 10 so I know that won't happen much longer. So I am appreciating every minute I have with them. I have been very blessed to have some really amazing kids - they surprise me and make me proud every day. These photos aren't from yesterday, but I wanted to finally post them.

Honesty is telling the truth to ourselves and others. Integrity is living that truth.


patti said...

aww these are great photos Mona! Looks like the kids had lots of fun! Glad to hear you're getting some scrapping done too!

Ki Kruk said...

Great photos Mona! I haven't been great with keeping my blog up to date either! I've heard Shrek the Third isn't as good as well but I still want to take the girls to see it!

Julie said...

they just grow up too darn fast don't they? and then comes the realization that if they are growing up that fast, we're aging even faster!!

awesome pics mona :)