Friday, January 12, 2007

We did it!!!

I think we did pretty good for our first kit! It was exciting to see how thrilled people were with our first kit! Can't wait to see how our next one does! We are doing our mail out on Monday! And the best part is that we are delivering to Canada, the US and Europe!!!! How awesome is that!!!! Thanx to all you ladies who have been checking us out and hanging out at our site. I love that you love what we are doing!!! I am so excited that people like what we have to offer. To be honest, I thot we would TOTALLY suck, but we don't!

So, we've got a quiet weekend ahead. I am working on the new kit this weekend. Chris and I have also decided to work with the College and Career age group at our church. They are looking for leaders so we have agreed to do it. I look forward to it - our 18-24 year olds are looking for leadership so we wanted to be able to offer it to them!!!

Hope you are all doing well - especially after that nasty weather we've been having. Gimme a shout - tell me how you're doing!


jessi said...

woohoo!!!! congrats on the success of your first kit!!! can't wait to see the next one!!! have fun with your quiet weekend. have a great day!!!

Ki Kruk said...

I'm so happy for you that the first kit was a huge success! Can't believe you thought you'd suck though - no way! Congratulations!