Monday, July 31, 2006

Good Morning

I am part of all that I have met. Alfred Tennyson

Have you ever had a friend that makes consistantly stupid decisions? Someone who knows they are making a mistake in that decision and then comes running to you to pick up the pieces when they are hurt and need somone to help them?! I have one of those friends and I am at the point where I have about had enough. The problem is, I fell bad for her when she is hurting and I stll want to be there to help her. And she has done STUPID!!!!! things. She made some friends that "adopted" her as their daughter and her daughter as their granddaughter. Then she fell in love with the husband. He gave her (unbeknownst to the wife) $6000 for the downpayment for a house. Anyway, this is just the beginning of stupid things she has done and when I called her on her stupid choices she says "Oh, thats okay. If you end up being right, I can always cry on your shoulder! You're always there when I need you!!!" Do I have the right to be ticked off, or should I be a true friend when she is hurting and support her?!

Alright enough of my vent. I am LOVING the fact that my children are gone!!! I haven't gotten to the point where I miss them too much yet. (does that make me a bad mom?) They are having such a wonderful time that they don't even miss me yet. This is a real break that I have needed though. Especially with S! birthday this week - its gonna be a fun crazy time!!! Can't wait to celebrate.

Hope you ladies have a wonderful day! I love you all!!


Carmen said...

You have a big heart Mona!! Friendship is one thing - being taken advantage of is another... And you know, sometimes a really true friend says that's enough, and does not "help" anymore. I don't think she will stop making "stupid" choices as long as you are there to clean the mess up! HUGS

Anam said...

**hugs** i would have shaken her by now - she a energy vampire.

Sue said...

I agree with Carm - time to activate the "tough love" and let her be the adult for a while!
Glad you're enjoying your kidlet-free days! I will be a parent of one soon - Connor heads to the inlaws for two weeks soon! :)

Crystal said...

((( HUGS ))) - Carm's advice is on track, I think. Good luck!