Monday, August 07, 2006

Good morning

Alright - I am a terrible person! Malachi called from Winnipeg complaining that he was sick. I felt terrible for him and I wished I could be there to make him feel better. There is nothing a child needs more than his mom when he is sick. So I felt terrible for him and wished I could help. So I called home this morning to see how he was feeling. My mom said the only reason that he was feeling ill is because he is homesick!!! I was sooo happy about that. Its only been about 10 days since he's been gone, but I am soooo happy to know that he is missing me so terribly much. Now, how terrible is that?!

My sister send me some pictures of all the things the kids are doing and they look like they are having a great time. Kiana decided that she wanted to be the next "Canadian Idol" so she needed to practise. She and her cousins decided that they would be the next hot group to hit the charts. They had a wonderful time practising all the Praise and Worship music that they sing in church.

The kids all wanted to have a fun picture taken and this was the pose they decided to have taken of them. I miss them all so much - this makes me wish that I lived closer to our family so the kids could spend more time with their cousins. The funnest part is that we are surprising our kids and my nieces and nephew on Saturday when my kids come home. My parents and sister are bringing my nieces and nephew are coming here with my kids when they come home.

On a less pleasant note, Uncle Greg and Tante Karin, Shane and Amber lost everything they had at the lake over the weekend when an F3 tornado hit Gull Lake. Thank goodness everyone was across the lake at the Poker Derby or there would have been alot more casualties and fatalities. I have contacted them to find out about account information for those of you who have requested it for donations. Hopefully we will be able to help them soon. There are alot of people who have lost everything. It makes me grateful and I appreciate the family that I have. Things are just that, things - but family is all you have. Thanks to those of you who have passed on prayers and support for all of them. Things like this make you realize that everything we have is just fleeting - appreciate what you have while you have it.

We are often too ready to believe that the present is the only possible state of things. Proust


Anam said...

**hugs** to you and your family. hope they are all ok and get back on thier feet soon.

Sue said...

I'm sorry to hear about your family's loss. Such a blessing that they were not there. Hugs to you and your family.

Carmen said...

The kids look like they are having such a wonderful time!! That is great!! And I am sooo sorry to hear about your family! Truly a blessing that only material things were lost. Those can be replaced! HUGS

Melissa said...

I heard about that tornado - so glad to hear that everyone you know is ok!

The kids look like they are having a blast - how nice of them to send photos to you while they are gone!!

Ki said...

It looks like they truly are enjoying themselves! So sorry to here about what happened to your family at Gull Lake but so glad they weren't hurt!