Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Monday morning

Wow - I can't believe the long weekend is almost here. The year is flying by - we only have about 6 weeks of school left. CRAZY!!!

We had a wonderful weekend here. One of Chris' childhood friends was in town, so we had him over for dinner. Chris hadn't seen his friend Chris in almost 20 years and I had never met him, so it was alot of fun. Of course there was alot of reminiscing about all the stupid things they did as kids.

Mother's Day was wonderful. My kids made me some wonderful things for Mother's day. Malachi had his picture taken and he made a frame for the photo. He also gave me a card with a poem in it. Kiana made me a pitch pot and she wrote me a letter about all the things that she loves about me. It really made me cry because all the things that she loved about me were at times that I was at my weakest and my worst. Funny how those are the things that make her love me the most.

And, of course here is my Monday 7:

1. Weddings - I love weddings and I love that my dear friend Sue has found her soul mate and is getting married this summer. I am thrilled and blessed to be the matron of honor and I hope that God blesses them with many years of happiness. I am so thankful for her love and friendship.
2. Friends - I am so thankful for the amazing friends that we have. We are so lucky that God has blessed us with supportive, loving people in our lives
3. My work - I love going to work every day and having a great staff to work with. There is nothing better than having a supportive group of people around you.
4. My kids are terrific. I am so lucky to have kids that love me unconditionally and tell me virtually every minute of the day. My life is filled with their laughter and hugs and that makes everything okay.
5. Spring - the weather has been so wonderful the last few days. I love the sun and the heat.
6. Chris - I need to thank God every day for the amazing man he put into my life. He is my support and strength. A more amazing man I have never met.
7. Family - there is nothing more importan than family and I am so blessed to have an amazing one.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week. What are your plans for the long weekend? LMK!!!


Stacy said...

happy belated mothers day girl!!!! thanks for the blog love i always enjoy your monday 7!!!

Sherri said...

Awesome Monday's 7 ~ always something I strive to check each week. Sounds like you had a heartfelt and touching mom's day ~ sounds lovely.

Hope you have a great week!

Ki said...

Great list Mona! Very thought provoking!