Monday, April 21, 2008


I can't believe how much snow we have again! We got almost 2 feet over the weekend - and to think that a week ago we were at 24 degrees C. UGH - there are days when living in Alberta REALLY SUCKS!!!!

Anyway, we have a busy week here. The Kiwanis Music Festival is going on for the next 3 weeks and Kiana has competition all week. She performed at the Spring Scholarship Winners Concert on Saturday and had ALOT of fun. She looks so tiny when she is singing on stage, but she just loves it.

Since I missed last week, I wanted to be sure that I didn't miss my Monday Seven today:

1. Spring - getting as much snow as we did this weekend makes me so grateful for warm weather and spring. I loved the beautiful weather we had a little better than a week ago.

2. Feeling great - since starting on the Celiac diet I have never felt better. Its great not to feel tired and sick all the time.

3. Coffee - I can't imagine my mornings without it. I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, but the smell of coffee is a sure way to get me going. There is nothing better than a hot cup of java right before getting my day started.

4. My crazy kids have been going shackwacky having to be inside all weekend(because of the storm) and at times I have wanted to kill them both, but I love them so much and am so grateful for them it overwhelms me.

5. I am so thankful that I am at home, safe, rather than driving the highways and byways of Alberta trying to get home after a weekend away.

6. My amazing husband - he had to walk to work today because I needed the car for work myself. I was going to get up to drive him, but he worked at 4 a.m. and didn't want me and the kids to get up that early.

7. Snow - I have to find a good thing about the storm this weekend and I must say my dd is like a kid in a candy store. She loves the snow and I love how excited she gets and how she can't wait to get out in this weather as soon as she can. She has been sitting with her nose pressed to the window waiting for it to stop blowing long enough for her to get out in it.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week and I look forward to posting Kiana's results of her competition this week. Love ya!


Just Rhonda said...

That photo is so cute. She does look so small! So good for her that she is willing to stand up and sing by herself!! That rocks!!!

Laura said...

great photo Mona!!
Trying to get caught up with what everyone's been up too...I'm having a hard time with that since returning from our!!

Sherri said...

Kiana looks so small standing besides that big piano! So cute ~ I hope she continued to have a great time at the festival, and can't wait to hear the results!