Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A late start this week

Man, this week has been absolutely mad!!! Spring Break ended and I was hoping for a good week. Then Sunday at midnight (15 minutes after I had gone to bed) my ds came down with a stomach bug and I was up with him most of the night. Thankfully my mom was here and was able to be home with him so that I didn't have to call in sick. And my dh is gone to Toronto this week, making life busier too. And tonite Kiana has a Scholarship Competition for Voice at Alberta College. It would be nice for her to win some cash, that's for sure.

Well, since I was sooooo tired and unable to do it before now, I am doing my Monday 7 today:

1. Weather - its finally getting warmer out here - by Sunday its going to be 20 C and I can't wait. Hopefully spring will finally be here.

2. My mom is here and I am so grateful. With Malachi having a stomach bug and a PD day on Thursday, I otherwise would have only had a 3 day week this week. Thanx mom!!!

3. Babies - I am excited and looking at baby clothes, wishing that I knew what my sister was having so I could start baby shopping. I LOVE baby clothes - they have some of the greatest stuff.

4. Relationships - I am so thankful that a friend that I had a falling out with over a year ago have been able to reconnect and I am hoping that we may be able to regain our friendship despite what happened. I've missed her alot and she was a good friend to me!

5. My craft - there is nothing better for me than getting my emotions out with paper and glue. Some days its really therapeutic for me.

6. Work - I love my job and I love the kids that I work with. They are a sweet bunch and I just love helping them.

7. Today - I am grateful that I have today - I don't know if I will have tomorrow, but today is enough for now!

Love ya, bye!


Ki said...

Glad to hear your job is going so well. Sorry to hear you had the flu bug to contend with though! Thank goodness Mom was there to rescue!

Stacy said...

eeeck stomach bug going thru here it had better be gone in 2 weeks no time for that gotta move lol!!!