Tuesday, August 07, 2007


So, I am back from Winnipeg and settling into life in Edmonton once again. We had such a wonderful time in Winnipeg - despite the heat. It was 49 degrees (with the humidity) which made it difficult to breathe. But that didn't stop us. The kids had such a fabulous time and we got to do alot of fun things. We took the kids to Fun Mountain Waterslides by 9 a.m. so that by 1:00 in the afternoon when it got too hot we could go home. We also took the kids to Birds Hill Beach. In the heat we found that the best place to be was in the water. The kids didn't come out of the water all morning. They loved it - but my poor husband got 2nd degree burns on his shoulders and back(even with sunscreen).

We also took the kids to the car races. Malachi LOVED it - the Alcohol cars scared him a little but he loooooved the races. But I think the best part of the trip was my dad's surprise 65th birthday party. I can't believe we pulled off the surprise, but 3 months of planning and almost 200 people later we did it. And he loved it. I was lucky enough to be the person who gave a speech about and for my dad. What a wonderful day that was.

And now its back to regular life. My parents will be here this weekend to drop the kids off and then its time to get ready for school again.
So, post a message to me telling me the best part of your summer. Then I'll get my kids to pick a name for a RAK!
Have a wonderful week!


Carmen said...

So happy you had a good vacation, and you are back safe and sound!! Hmmm, best part of my summer?? I would have to say NOT having a busy schedule! We have really kicked back this summer. I pulled the kids out of all their activities and so I just work 3 days a week for 4 or 5 hours and then the rest of the time we are doing whatever we want. Have to say, it has been quite enjoyable!!

CAKVD said...

Hello!! The best part of my summer has been swimming with my 2 year old daughter in my parent's pool. We moved closer to my folks about 6 months ago, so it is a real treat to be able to go there swimming whenever we want! It's been really relaxing summer!
Cheryl KVD

Lacintha said...

Hey Mona :)
Just popping in to say "hi"...best part of summer this year...hmmm...air-conditioing...lol
Have a wonderful week :)

Julie said...

hey girlie!! missed you!!

sounds like you've had a blast out east :) good on you - you deserve it!

the best part of summer hey?

well, i think its gotta be the golfing we've been doing this year. loving the time out with dh (we don't get alot of alone time either) as well as doing something resembling exercise at the same time LOL!

i also gotta say i have totally enjoyed every second of the amazing weather we've had so far this year. yes, its been stinking hot. BUT, how often does that ever happen?? we whine about the heat, we whine about the cold. na na na... LOL i'm not whining one little bit!!

Patti said...

The best part of summer for me having the ENTIRE summer off! LOL!!

p.s. Welcome Home Mona!!

Heather M. said...

I'm so glad you went and had a great time! Fun photos!

JennD said...

49 degrees is absolutely insane. No wonder you have pool pictures. *S* Glad to hear you had a great time.

Laura said...

hey Mona, glad you had a great holiday...nice to have you back though. I bet the party for your Dad was awesome and your speech was touching and beautiful...so happy you were able to be there.
I have enjoyed pretty much all of my summer but a highlight was definitely attending the football game I blogged about...such an awesome family event!
Hope you are doing well, take care.