Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am SUCH a bad blogger!!!

I can't believe that its been almost 10 days since I was here last. Last week was such a crazy week. The kids had 3 sleepovers last week. 2 were with some friends from Ontario and one was with a friend of Kiana's from her old school. Having five autistic kids for a sleepover is NUTS!!!! Not necessarily something that I will do again. But from the pictures you can see that they had a great time.
I am really excited to be taking a class to learn how to use my new SLR camera. Scrapability is a website started by some friends of mine, and my dear Patti Miller (who is a PHENOMENAL photographer btw) is teaching a class online. I have started playing a little bit and I look forward to getting of the automatic setting and use my camera to its full capabilities.
Only one more week until we are off to Winnipeg. I have been asked to give a speech at my dad's 65th birthday celebration. I am excited to just to head to the beach and relax.
And finally next week the winners for the ScrapFan ScrapJam will be announced. I am certain that I'm not winning this one, but it was fun and challenging. And I got some great free product which is always a positive thing.
Love, ya!!!!


Carmen said...

The kids look like they all had a blast!! Have fun on your vacation!! Be safe!!

Julie said...

you are one AWESOME mamma mona!

Laura said...

looks like they all had fun...you are my new hero!! I had 3 boys sleep over in early June for DS#3's bday and swore I would never do it again...lol!! Enjoy your trip, have fun at the birthday celebration...take lot's of pics!!

Hazel said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our new Salt blog. I've just been having a nosey here - love the daisy LOs.