Thursday, March 22, 2007

The proudest momma around!!!

Well, Malachi's birthday turned out to be much better than any of us expected. Every month they have assembly and certain students in each class get achievement awards. Most of the time they are for kindness, perseverance, friendship - basically awards surrounded around interpersonal and social skills. DD Kiana has gotten about 4 of them in the last two years- her autism is atypical and doesn't affect her interpersonal skills. Malachi on the other hand (because of his type of autism) has never gotten one. Well, this afternoon in assembly he got his FIRST EVER achievement award. The teacher explained that he had improved sooo much this year that he no longer needed an aide in school and that he was consciously trying to be more outgoing and trying to make friends and be social. He was so happy and proud of himself that he was in tears. He came running over to me crying and saying "Mommy, I'm so proud. This is the best birthday EVER. Are you proud of me mommy?' Well, this momma was in tears. He has come SOOOOOO far in the last year at school. He is such an amazing kid - and for this to happen on his birthday made the day even more wonderful.

On that note, I need to give a HUGE shout out to Technique Tuesday - what an AMAZING company they are. Autism is more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined. Technique Tuesday has decided to make a difference and to help those of us who are touched by Autism. 50% of the proceeds from THESE PRODUCTS is going to fund autism research!!! So go out and support Technique Tuesday - buy these products in April!!! Hopefully they will help to find a cure for autism!!!! And thank you Technique Tuesday for stepping up and addressing an epidemic that affects 1 in every 150 children - including my 2 beautiful babies!!!

And finally a great big shout out to my S! friend - Michelle Engel!!! She got an Honorable Mention in CK's HOF 2007!!! YOU ROCK my friend - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thanx everyone for sharing in my excitement and joy today!!!


Anonymous said...

Malachi has every right to be proud!! Way to go buddy!! Fantastic.


TammyBrownlee said...

Happy Birthday littel dude...what a great present to have gotten....congrats!!!! I did see that about TT....awesome that they are making people more aware of Autism!!! KUDOS!

Tammy said...

How Awesome!!! What an incredible moment and so wonderful to happen to such a deserving boy!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday Malachi!!

Definitely cool what Technique Tuesday is doing!

Also, thanks for the heads up about Michelle, I'm so out of the loop I didn't even know. Cool!

Hope all is well with you!

Lacintha said...

Wonderful,wonderful news about your little man, Mona.

I love what TT is doing as well,and will be sure to give them my support come next month...

And Yay for Michelle! Great news!!!

Patti said...

WTG Malachi! It is moments like these that make parenting that much more rewarding.:)

I will be getting in on the TT goodies!

Laura said...

What an amazing Mom moment Mona...your son should be very proud of himself for his achievements. Glad the party was successful too. I had no idea about awesome is that!!
Have a great week Mona.

patti said...

What a great day for Malachi! So glad that he was able to get an award! How exciting!! That is very cool that TT is supporting Autism in this way!! great company for sure!

KarenMc said...

Hey beautiful!!! so so happy for you and yor boy! Just awesome! And WTG TT!!! that is just fab! better go shopping!

miss yah tons! K

Marina said...

Oh Mona, you and Malachi have every reason to be so proud. What an amazing achievement and so much more special that he was honored on a perfect day.

I have to admit I shed a tear of hoy for the two of you too!!!