Monday, March 19, 2007

Busy Weekend

Good morning - how are you all doing today? Whew - what a weekend - so glad its over though. How was your weekend?

I spent Friday night and Saturday all day scrappin - got about 4 los done. Spent Friday night at the online crop at my gf Jayme's place - Scrapbooking Fanatics. You definitely need to check out her place. She's got great stuff and she has amazing prices. (that's my little plug for this morning) It was easy to get stuff done because DH went to the Edmonton Rush game that night. Saturday, my gf came over and we scrapped the day away. She's new to scrapping, but she's already got the bug. She wants to scrap every minute that she isn't working. She's amazing - her dd is only 2 and she has the first year done and is working on year two. My kids are 9 and 8 and I'm not that far yet. So, we opened some champagne and scrapped the day away. Chris and the kids were feeling kind of under the weather but I medicated them and sent them to bed.
Sunday turned out to be a nighmarish day. Because Chris and the kids were feeling under the weather, I went to church alone on Sunday. I was doing worship so I had to be there at 8 a.m. and right before the service started, I called to see how they were all doing. Malachi was throwing up and had a fever of 106.2. Needless to say, I didn't do worship. I went home and took him to the ER just cuz his fever was sooooo high. Turns out he had an ear infection and after the 3rd dose of antibiotics he was fine. Man, everytime he gets a fever it scares me. He rarely gets them, but when he does they ALWAYS spike that high. I kinda knew it was no big deal, but because it was so high, I worry anyway. But looking at him today, he's running around and playing TMNT - you'd never know he was so sick yesterday. The wonders of antibiotics I guess.

And I finally did it - I finally got one. Got what you ask? A Purple Cow - I LOVE IT!!!! I have been eyeing it up for awhile now, but I finally got me one and it is amazing. It is the best cutter I have ever owned. Definitely worth the money you pay for it, let me tell you. Even the guillotine isn't that daunting. But my new favourite thing - for now anyway(LOL)

And, on a sadder note, Janet Kent died on the weekend. Janet was Chris' grandfather's partner. They had been living together for many years. She lived a long, full life and died at 97. Grampa Hall's heart is broken. She was a lovely lady and our lives were better for having known her.

So, whats up for the week for you? Me, I'm doing more scrapping this week. My gf wants to come over on Tuesday and scrap again. And Thursday is my ds' birthday. So its a busy week over here.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Beauty is all around us, from the smallest things to the biggest. All we need to do is look with the eyes of a child.


patti said...

Sorry to hear about your loss Mona! Hugs to you and your family! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Stacy said...

sorry for your loss mona!! hope the kids are getting to glad you got some scrap time!!!

Stacy said...

getting better is what i meant lol!!

Just Rhonda said...

Sorry about your loss Mona! Big hugs. And glad to hear the kiddos are better!

Laura said...

Had a great time at the hockey tournament. Not a lot of sleep but oh well! Glad you've found time to scrap and that the kids are doing well. Sorry about your loss. I hope you get to spend sometime with your friend this week. Have a good one.

TammyBrownlee said...

hey girl..i hope the family is feeling better now...sorry baout your loss my dear...bug hugs! Glad you got lots of scrapp'n time in...cant wait to see what ya did!!!