Thursday, August 20, 2009


That was the challenge for "Salt" today. Jeremiah 29:11 was the verse behind the challenge. My lo is about how my purpose in life seemed to be different than God's purpose for my life. I only see the here and now in my life whereas God sees the big picture and knows what he is doing. My purpose has changed since he has become the leader of my life and I don't need to know what He is doing, I just need to follow and trust that He does know what He is doing. Check it out and try the challenge yourself!


Hazel said...

I love your LO, Mona - such a heartfelt response to the challenge - and thanks for sharing your thoughts x

mamaluke said...

Amen to your Blurb Mona, Praise God! HE is control not us!

Crystal said...

This is a big theme of my thinking and reacting too. What is God's purpose for me- what does He want me to be doing? I've never thought of doing a LO about it but you have inspired me!

It looks like summer has been fun for your kids - I love the water pictures and the glow bowling! Enjoy these last days before school starts :))

Kim said...

Great layout Mona! And isn't it so true that God's puposes for our lives are frequently different than ours. Thank you for that reminder and for sharing your comments!

Stacy said...

miss mona!!! you have won a RAK from me lol let me know your addy here

Kelsey_N said...

Hey lady.
I love what you wrote in your post.
All too often I follow my purpose instead of His.
But I wonder ... why can MY purpose be HIS purpose?? LOL!
Thanks again! Great LO and great post!