Thursday, April 16, 2009


that was the theme of our Salt Challenge this week. I used the verse " We like sheep have gone astray" from Isaiah 53:6. I focussed on how we are stupid like sheep and rather than follow the shepherd, follow the other sheep, which can often get us into trouble.

I am really enjoying these challenges - they are making me think outside the box and yet try and figure out a way to instill the Biblical challenges into every part of my life. It is giving me a new look at my life and my relationship with God and taking it to a different level. Check out the challenge and try it - see where it takes you!


Kim said...

Love your thoughts on this week's challenge and your layout!

Hazel said...

A lovely response to the challenge, Mona - I agree with you about the way the Salt challenges make us think and respond, not just to produce the contribution, but for daily living x

Kelsey_N said...

Hi Mona,

I just wanted to pop in and catch up on your blog.
You are a great inspiration to me, my friend.

Thank you for your prayers for Jason. He is going back to work tomorrow (he thinks ... if he does or not, I guess we will see in the a.m.) but we still do not have any answers. He still has the exact same pain in his abdomen and is very frustrated. It is nice to know that we have such good friends praying for us - God still performs miracles and maybe we will get one?! We realized last night that this has happened more than once before (not as extreme - it seems to be building up each time).

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Off to do my 'sheep' lo now!