Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big day!

Today is my daughter Kiana's big day!!! She is competing at the Conservatory of Music's Scholarship Competition. I am very excited for her, especially because of the song she is singing. The song she is singing is about a child's love for her Lord and Saviour - and she is passionate about the song. She is feeling kinda pressured this year because she won "The Most Promising Student" last year. She competed and won against 14 year olds and she was only 10. Don't know who's more nervous - Kiana or me. Oh, well, it will be fun and she will do great.

If you have a moment, please pray for her at 2:30 this afternoon. Pray that her heart is calm and she does the best she can and not stress about her performance.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the new Challenge at Salt!!!


Carmen said...

How did she do?? I am sure just wonderfully! Let us know!

Hazel said...

I found this too late to pray, but hope all went well x