Friday, January 16, 2009

Canada's Justice System SUCKS!!!!!

I'm sorry - I know I probably sound like a child, but that's how I feel right about now. Criminals need to be punished for their crimes and in Canada you get to kill someone and then walk away - almost!

In 2005 my cousin Shawna was involved in a car accident. The guy that hit them had a suspended license, he stole a car and then proceeded to drive it (stoned and drunk) into my cousin and 3 of her friends. He killed one of her friends and injured everyone else in the vehicle. And a sentence of dangerous driving causing death and 3 counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm got him 18 months in jail.

I am so angry!!! How is that fair? And after all is said and done, this guy's girlfriend turns around and threatens my cousin with her life. Are you kidding me? This is our justice system - doesn't that just make you proud?


Carmen said...

Do NOT get me started... It is a sad state of affairs when a person trained in the legal system has no faith in the system... Hugs Mona.

Stacy said...

when i was 14 or so me and some friends were involved in an accident a couple blocks from my house it was dusk out so not totally dark but enough that you can see an idiot on dirt bike with no lights!!! after all was said and done the guy ended up in a wheel chair for his stupidy and my friends and i walked away then my cousin comes at me starts ranting and raving how we where at fault and that her friend was such an awesome person and how could we do this anyways she was wrong the guy was tryng to commit suicide at the time and was speeding up as soon as he seen that we were in front of him NICE i asked cosuin not to long ago still think he is such a nice and wondeful person?? the other thing i love about canada is that they put idiots on tv then wonder why we have a rap about being stupid JMO!!!yes your right the justice system sucks!!!

Kelsey_N said...

This is really too much for words.
Our system is horrible.

Laura said...

what Kelsey said!
{{hugs}} Mona