Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter!

Well, how is your Easter weekend going? I hope you are all having a great weekend. I LOVE Easter. Its the foundation of my faith and I love all the weekend festivities that it entails. Look what my kids just did:
We also got some sad news yesterday. A friend from back home was killed in a car accident on Good Friday. She was so young - only 25 and married a couple of years. She swerved to miss an animal on the highway and ran into a bridge abutment. She was killed instantly. Its so hard when someone so young is killed. I held my dh and kids and gave them an extra big hug.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter filled with lots of chocolate and fun!


Anonymous said...

The tree looks wonderful!!

So sad to hear about your friend. What a terrible loss. I will keep her in my prayers.

Happy Eater to you my friend!!


TammyBrownlee said...

HUGE HUGE HUGS!!!! So sorry to hear about your loss!! So young too! I will certainly keep her family in my prayers.

Happy Easter.

Laura said...

Sorry about your loss Mona, such a shame for someoone so young.
Your Easter tree looks traditions are so important. Enjoy your weekend.

Tammy said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Mona, it's really unfair when they go so young.

Thanks for posting a photo of your tree. I really love the idea and your tradition. Your faith has really inspired me.

Stacy said...

so sorry for your loss girl big hugs hope easter went well!!!

Lacintha said...

Hello Mona! :)

First off, I love your egg tree..your little ones are talented indeed!
And I'm so sorry to hear about your friend...those instances really put life into perspective for the rest of us...

Hugs to you..