Sunday, February 11, 2007

A new week

I for one am looking forward to a new week. The last week has been really busy and really exhausting. This week is looking to be no better. I have a husband who is looking at a new job offer and has meetings all week. I have two kids who are losing their best friends because they are moving to a new province and just aren't coping very well. I also have 3 parties and playdates this week with 5 other autistic kids. I am exhausted just thinking about it. But I am sooooo excited about next weekend - going to the Memories Wholesale Retailers Event. I think it'll be neat to meet Becky Higgins - would love to pick that lady's brain thats for sure!!!

I am seriously looking at entering MM Idol again this year. Didn't make it last year and I probably won't make it again this year, but I DEFINITELY won't make it if I don't at least try. Got a few other irons in the fire too - hopefully they work out as well.

How is your week shaping up to be? What are you guys up to? Tell me whats new in your life - I love hearing from you and what you are up to. Thanks for all the comments about your fears over the last little while - I appreciate the love and the honesty. Makes me feel not quite so alone.


jessi said...

hey mona...busy is know what they say about idle's bound to lead to scrapbooking and starving kids...LOL!!!
I entered the MM idol...why not?? you should too!!!
My week isn't as busy as yours...I have my yearly physical, a B-day party to take my daughter to, valentines treats to make for the kids' school, prep for a class I am teaching at my LSS...not too bad!!!
happy monday!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, my week is looking pretty "normal" for me - ballet lessons and taekwondo lessons; I work 3 days this week and have 2 cab deals to close and a mediation for a Plaintiff's file; I have cupcakes to bake for two Valentine's parties and the Grade 2 Choir Grandparent's Tea; and I am trying to get a colour consultant out to look at the colours I picked for my house and get it ready for painting. Pretty normal! Thanks for asking!!


Stacy said...

go for it mona !!!! wishing you luck mm idol!!!

Marina said...

Oh Mona, it does sound like a very busy week. WOW and here I thought I was busy!!!!

I have a few scrap projects on the go that need to be completed, cupcake baking tonight for Valentines Day and then help the girls finsih adressing their Valentines. We have some Dr. appointments this week, oh yay!!!
I have a cake class, but we are only working on flowers and stuff so no cake, this makes me happy this week. We have ballet and swimming lessons on the weekend and a birthday party to attend.

Hope you have a very pleasant week and tackle everything on your to do list!!!

Laura said...

I say go for MM Idol, Mona!! Try to make some time for yourself this week too...I know...easier said than done! Wishing you luck in helping the kids adjust to life without their best friends: 18 months ago, we were the ones that moved away and it's not easy for either side.
My week seems pretty mild compared to yours: teaching preschool twice, valentines treats/baking for school (I hope), hockey/soccer/basketball and a meeting @ school...not as bad as it may sound!! Have a great week and a ton of fun meeting Becky!

TammyBrownlee said...

you go girl...dont think i am entering...i have no time as it

have fun with your play dates!

My week is work...a crop at Urban...a first aid course...loads of fun....oh ...some scrapbooking tonight and tomorrow....and watching a funny movie!

Hope you have a great week...drinks ....for sure girl!!!

~ Ki ~ said...

Good for you Mona! Go for it girl!