Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I certainly am a bad blogger. I can't believe how long its been since I was last here. So much has happened since my last visit.

First was the Retailer's Event in Edmonton. Had a fabulous time - but BOY was it busy. 7 Gypsies, Heidi Swapp, Canvas Concepts, Cloud 9 Design, Bazzill Basics and Becky Higgins all taught classes. My favourite were definitely the Cloud 9, 7 Gypsies and of course Becky Higgins.

Amy and Nancy were great - they are very sweet and alot of fun. They are amazingly creative women who were very inspiring. They really know how to get you excited about what you do. The Cloud 9 stuff is really yummy, so it makes it really easy to love their stuff. Becky Higgins was amazing too! We each got a copy of her new book "Family History Scrapbooking" which is a great book. It came at a great time for me too as I am presently working on my dad's history album.

The whole weekend was really great and we met alot of amazing people. A very successful weekend in my humble opinion.

And now we get back to reality. The new Snowflakes kit is ready to go on sale and we are really excited about it. I love the colours of this new kit and I hope you do too! We are moving up to 50 kits for April so thats pretty cool too.

And, in other news, Chris has been offered a job in a new company! Thats huge for us, since he has been with IKEA for almost 10 years. The best part of this job offer is that it would be Monday thru Friday working 9-5. SOOOOOOO much better than 3 a.m. mornings, middle of the night phonecalls and shift work. Praying for the best solution for us. As soon as I can tell you all more I will. He has lunch with someone from the company tomorrow, so we will see what happens.

Love to you all! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Take the first step in faith - you don't need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Martin Luther King Jr.


Laura said...

Thanks for the update Mona, was hoping all was well with you. Good luck with Chris's work...you will love the Monday to Friday thing I'm sure. Now I get your comment on my blog...fingers crossed for both of us! Looks like the retailer weekend was a blast! Have a great week!

Stacy said...

glad to hear of change i hope its a better situtation!!

TammyBrownlee said...

woohoo she updated...about time girl!!!

So hoping that the job works out for hubby....keeping fingers crossed for you guys!!!

Karen M said...

Hey Mona!!!

Soooo sooo great to read that things are fab for you!! I miss yah tons and hope to catch up soon:-) K