Friday, October 23, 2009

On the way back!

Well, we are finally on the way back from a terrible flu bug! I got it at school and passed it on to my whole family. NASTY - and of course with the fear of H1N1, work wanted to be sure that I was clear to work and that it wasn't anything terribly contagious. The kids and Chris were home and sick for a full 10 days before they were well enough to go back to work and school. Thankfully we are on the mend and other than remnants of a cough, we are all better.

But because of this illness Chris and I are trying to figure out if we are gonna get the H1N1 shot or if the kids should get it. There are so many mixed messages out there, I'm not sure what to do. How about you guys? Are you getting it? What are your thoughts on it - any help would be appreciated cuz we're not sure WHAT to do! Gimme your opinion!


Stacy said...

i never even thought of that lol!! maybe that was what god was telling me lol! we have upped the vitamins in our house but with me not being at work in all the nastiness and the kids school is crazy about washing hands which is good we have not had much around here other than headaches hope every one is back to normal!!can you email your addy again thanks hun

Kelsey_N said...

No. I vote no.
I have never gotten a flu shot in my life.
My entire family - get the flu shot, get horribly sick for weeks. No thank you.
Especially with all this controversy over the piggy flu vaccine, I would not be going for it until more research is done and we see what other horrible side effects there are.
Jason has been sick since last Friday - he's starting to feel better so I hope he's in the end stretch.
glad you guys are feeling better too.

Kelsey_N said...

Thanks for the post on my blog!!

Hope to see you sometime soon.

Just Rhonda said...

Glad you are better!!! We are totally getting the shot if we can!

Hazel said...

What an awful time you've all had - glad that you're now on the mend - praying for full recovery for you all and renewed energy x