Sunday, July 06, 2008


In today's paper it said that the Smitty's in the West Edmonton location kicked out a family from Wainwright because their daughter was autistic. They didn't have the food that she normally ordered and when she kicked up a fuss the manager asked her family to leave. When they explained that she was autistic and that they were handling the situation and she would be fine, the manager had the audacity to tell the family that if she was autistic they shouldn't be taking her out in public!!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!? Since when is it okay to discriminate against special needs people? This guy is a retard (I don't mean this offensively, but I am pissed off!!!!!) but his family still lets him out in public!!! I know that Smitty's isn't a phenomenal restaurant, but when you have autistic or sensory issue kids, those kinds of restaurants are usually safe for your kids to eat at - they have something that these kids love. I often take my kids there because its one of the few restaurants that we can frequent where they will eat. Now I have one less restaurant to take my kids to for fear that we will be kicked out!!!!

I HATE PEOPLE WHO ARE INTOLERANT!!!!!!! Kiana was heartbroken when she heard me telling Chris about this. She said "Mom, do people do that alot to autistic people?" and I had to tell her that this is becoming more and more common. In the last 3 weeks 2 children have been kicked out of planes while crying because they are autistic. How do I tell my kids that this behaviour is becoming the norm and that people think its okay to treat autistic kids this way. If we don't stand up for these kids, who will?!

Alright, I'm done with my rant. But I am not done with being angry - and I won't be done until society accepts autistics for the people they are.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hey all,

hope you are all enjoying your summer - I know I am. It was bittersweet for me to end my work for the summer - I am going to miss the kids. It broke my heart when they realized I might not be back at the same school next year. The tears and hugs touched my heart. It boggles my mind to see that I actually reached somed of these kids.

Life is busy this week. Kiana has Musical Drama camp all week. They are performing "Alice in Wonderland". I am so excited for Kiana - her amazing voice teacherTaylene Lyon has created such a passion in Kiana to sing. I am so grateful to her for all her work with Kiana this year and Kiana and I are both sad that she will not be teaching her in the fall. So, we are on the hunt for a new Voice Instructor.

Malachi is enjoying Kiana being at camp because it gives him exclusive one on one attention from Dad. Kiana talks so much and is soooooo full of energy, Malachi barely gets a chance to get a word in edgewise, so for 7 hours a day, mom and dad are all his.

I am pretty busy too - gotta get ready for home. The kids and I are spending 4 weeks in Winnipeg this summer. It'll be interesting to see how Chris copes without us for a month - he hates being alone.

And a huge shout out and congratulations to my dear friend Rhonda on the birth of her new baby boy. Congrats to you Regan and the kids - I can't wait to see photos.
So, what are your plans for the summer?! Going anywhere exciting? Doing anything? Let me know - I'd love to hear from you.