Monday, November 27, 2006

Its here!

Christmas has come to our house a little earlier than normal this year. Usually we wait until 1st Advent to put up our tree, but this year we decided that we didn't want to wait any longer. Its cold and snowy outside that the kids have been begging for weeks to put them up already. They LOVED putting up the tree this year. My tree looks like Disney and Star Wars threw up on it, but I figure I can have my stylish tree when the kids are older. They love all the decorations that they have on the tree and they can't seem to get enough of it - they are constantly sitting next to it and admiring all the ornaments.

And I got my Christmas cards done too. I have totally impressed myself as I am really on top of things this year. Usually I am rushing to get my cards done so that I can stick them in the mail the first week of December, but I got done early this year. As is the situation with my Christmas shopping - thats all done too. Now I can really sit back and enjoy the Christmas season. And its filled with exciting things that will bring even more Christmas spirit into our hearts. Chris and I are going to the "The Nativity" next weekend. I really would like to see it and I think its important to support movies like that when they hit the theatre - maybe then they'll do more of those and less of some of the other garbage thats out there. Anyway, the kids are also really busy practising for their Christmas program at church. Kiana is an angel and Malachi is playing Malachi the prophet. They both have solos and are very excited. We also have the IKEA Christmas party this weekend. That's always alot of fun and IKEA does a fabulous job of putting out a great spread. But the most exciting thing we are doing this Christmas is a big Christmas dinner. Usually our Church has a Christmas dinner for ourselves and we just enjoy being together. This year we have decided to put together our Christmas dinner but to serve it to the community. Its really exciting to know that we will be providing dinner for others instead of focussing on ourselves this season. I mean that's what Christmas is really about right - its all about the giving.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Mona!! You have been one busy, organized, little beaver!! I am soooo thrilled!! Sit back now and have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mona! Your tree looks great - and as long as the kids love it, it doesnt matter what threw up on it! LOL. Your cards look great too!

Stay warm!!

Lea said...

You're ahead of me with your cards. I bought mine and started adressing them though. We also put our tree up this weekend! Yay!!! Now to wrap up some of the gifts.

Anonymous said...

wow aure are on top of things...wish iw as that far ahead...and i am not even making my cards this

It is so wonderful to read about your plans for the holiday! More people should do things likethat. WE do try to donate and buy gifts and what not for different programs...i am sure there is more we could do.

Hope you have a wonderful day....later girl!